Compassionate Debridement and Biopsy Devices for Veterinary Care

SoftBiopsy for Veterinary

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SoftBiopsy is the simple single-use, sterile and gentle approach to perform wound debridement or a wound biopsy.

SoftBiopsy-V is intended to be used for the histologic sampling of visually apparent wounds at the wound base, or wound-associated lesions in clinical situations where brush-biopsy curettage specimens would be desired in contrast to a deep, single punch biopsy specimen(s) or fluid collection or cytological swab sampling for anatomic, culture, or molecular pathologic testing.

Why Use The SoftBiopsy Device?

Image of SoftBiopsy.
  • Ease of Use - Moderate pressure to the wound surface for debridement, or press and rotate to collect tissue.
  • Designed for a compassionate patient experience and compliance.
  • Abundant tissue samples can be collected for lab testing (culture, molecular, anatomic pathology).
  • Intuitive design facilitates tactile and efficient, user-control for targeted debridement or biopsy.
  • Fabric disk conforms to flat or curved wound surfaces.

Quick Prep, Simple Sample, Easy Clean Up


What is Kylon?

Kylon® is a hooked nylon fabric that can be mounted an applicator stick or digit-sleeve, that when pressed on tissue surfaces, allows the hook tip to contact the target tissues, and with pressure and rotation, a trans-epithelial biopsy is obtained. The procedure of applying, pressing, and rotating a Kylon® covered tapered device into the wound and rotating it to obtain a curettage specimen. 
kylon2 kylon2b
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