Compassionate Debridement and Biopsy Devices for Veterinary Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I have already purchased sharp instruments like curettes that I autoclave, and some disposable ones including scalpels, why would I consider these Kylon® devices?

Q2:. If I do non selective debridement and simply clean the surface prior to biopsy for biofilm, is that
better care? Can I still “bill” for the biopsy using the CPT codes you describe?

Q3: How does the Kylon® fabric convert from a sickle hooked brush to a series of micr-curettes?

Q4: When can I use SoftBiospy® To take a histological (biopsy) sample, not simply a replacement for a swab to evaluate for planktonic and biofilm with the associated antibiotic resistance information? Is the specimen similar to a dermal punch biopsy? A curettage, tangential, or shave biopsy?

Q5: What is the difference between the use of SoftBiopsy® and the other two devices?

Q6: How have these devices made a difference in Gynecology and how many biopsies have been done to date? How do you see this change affecting what we do in surgical and non-surgical wound care?
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